Application and Enrollment for Welding Classes

Admission Procedures & Requirements

An enrollee must be 17 years of age or have the consent of a parent or guardian to begin coursework on their designated start day. A student may submit an application and non-refundable $100 application fee at any time to reserve their booth space and place on the roster for a given start date.

Attendance & Graduation Requirements

90% attendance is expected by all students, regardless of the course they are enrolled in. If attendance falls below threshold they will be given a warning. When attendance falls below 90% after a warning, the student will be terminated from instruction. All students that complete their determined course are considered graduates. All graduates are NOT considered certified welders. Certification is determined by a Pass/Fail weld test system.

Progress Standards

Students will be expected to maintain a passing grade in all components of enrollment. Components include classroom, laboratory and attendance. Classroom 15%, Laboratory & Skills Training 75%, Attendance 10%. If a student’s comprehensive grade is below 50% at the conclusion of their determined course, it will be considered a FAIL.

Dress Code

Students are required at all times of instruction to be clothed in steel-toed boots, denim – free of holes or fringes & fraying, a long sleeve button-down shirt & safety glasses.

Equipment Requirements

Required equipment along with material and other consumables are included in tuition costs. The following list shows what is included:

  • welding jacket
  • 2 sets leather welding gloves
  • 4” grinder
      • (2) 1/8” grinding disc
      • (2) 1/4” grinding disc
      • wire brush
  • hand brush
  • pliers
  • face shield
  • safety glasses
  • tip cleaner
  • soapstone
  • vice grip clamps
  • welding hood
  • bucket with liner   
  • chipping hammer   
  • half bastard file

Important Policies & Procedures


Withdrawal & Refund Procedure

  • If a student withdrawals from coursework in the first 5 days of instruction, a 75% refund of the full tuition price of their determined course will be refunded. 
  • If a student withdrawals from coursework during the first 1/3 or 1/6, respectively, of their assigned course, but before the midpoint, a 25% refund of the full tuition price of their determined course will be refunded.
  • If a student withdrawals from coursework after the halfway point of instruction, week 3 or 6 respectively, there will be no refund granted to the student.
  • All of the above-related policy excludes Saturdays, Sundays & Nationally recognized Holidays.

Grievance Policy

  • In the event of a formal grievance, a student will be expected to report the grievance to their instructor. 
  • If the grievance remains unsettled after 5 business days, a student may report to the building administrator. 
  • If a resolution is undetermined after an additional 5 business days a student will be advised to reach the MO Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development.

Transcript Issuance Policy

  • Transcripts will be provided to graduates upon completion of their determined coursework. 
  • Additionally, transcripts will be issued upon request at time post-graduation for no processing fee.

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