Financial Aid for Welding School

We hope that every person who dreams of working as a welder can find an opportunity to get quality education and training. It’s true that, for some, the cost of welding training programs may seem to be an obstacle. However, we encourage you to not allow that to prevent you from seeking to receive the training you need to work in the welding field. The good news is that financial aid for welding school is available.

Just imagine, if you can attend a welding training academy like Iron Eagle, you can be ready for a successful and financially rewarding career in just a few short months. 

To help you manage the cost of welding school, there are some options for financial aid available in the state of Missouri. Read on to learn more about financing your welding training.

3 Financial Aid Possibilities with the State of Missouri

Financial assistance can mean the difference between getting training as a welder or not. Please try each of the 3 programs here, even if you don't think you will qualify. You may be surprised.

We encourage all prospective students to begin the process by calling or visiting the website of each of these entities to determine if they qualify for state funding. Many people qualify even though they think that they won’t, so we strongly encourage you to check out these sources.

Important: We are not able to accept Pell Grants or other federal grants as a result of being a privately owned operation. However, we CAN accept Personal Loans and Local Scholarships.

Currently, the following 3 options for financing are available.

1) Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Vocational Rehabilitation

[Website source:] “If you want to work but have a disability that keeps you from finding, keeping or advancing in a job, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) may be able to help you. VR specializes in employment and training services that can assist you in becoming employed. A VR counselor will determine your eligibility for services. To be eligible, you need to have a physical or mental impairment that causes problems with working and need VR services to be successfully employed. Once eligible, you will work with a counselor who will help you develop a plan for your rehabilitation. We will give you vocational information and guidance allowing you to make informed choices about your vocational plan.

VR offers a wide range of services that are individualized for your needs.”

2) UMOS, Inc.

UMOS (United Migrant Opportunity Services) is a non-profit advocacy organization that provides programs and services which improve the employment, educational, health, and housing opportunities of under-served populations.

UMOS programs include workforce development including education, training, job placement, and job retention. With home headquarters in Wisconsin, UMOS serves several states including Missouri. 

3) Jobs.Mo.Gov - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

WIOA programs help people access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and match employers with skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. The bipartisan passage of WIOA marked the first reform of the public workforce system in more than 15 years, reaffirming the role of the American Job Center (AJC) system and enhancing several key employment, education, and training programs. 

In recent years over 20 million people annually turn to these programs to obtain good jobs and a pathway to better jobs. WIOA also advances services to job seekers and employers through coordination with the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services to ensure state and local agencies and stakeholders are actively engaged in the full implementation of WIOA.

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